Meaning of Easter.

We enter Easter times, and as is customary, a global process of traditions that marks this time as one of the most celebrated and commented on throughout the year begins as well. Easter, also called Pascha in Greek-Latin, or Easter Sunday, is a festival and holy day that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

As a result of the above, for some, the most devout and religious, this date acquires a special meaning and therefore, a great spiritual value. However, for others, who do not consider holy mysticism as a relevant topic, it takes a “lighter” meaning then, they abstract from the fervent ecclesiastical traditions and create their own, focused on rest, entertainment, fun and what not, another kind of pleasures.

Curiously in Australia, we can see how throughout history, these traditions have been merged, giving way to an “Easter culture” in which “saints and sinners”, “religious and agnostic”, unite around a theme, to share, spend quality time with family and friends and take advantage of the benefits and free time that the holidays bring with them.

As a curious fact, you should know that the true date to celebrate Easter, can be in march or april, that is defined by the lunar calendar. Resurrection Sunday will then be the Sunday after the first full moon of spring, that is, the first full moon after the spring equinox.

This date was decided at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The deadline is April 25th, Easter Sunday can never be after that date.

The Australian Easter Bunny. The rabbit not only symbolises fertility, for Catholics this animal has a special meaning since it is said that a rabbit was trapped in the tomb of Jesus next to his body and that he witnessed his resurrection. When he was released together with the son of God, he became the messenger who communicated the great news to the children.

Many families decorate their own eggs and then organise the famous “Easter Eggs Hunt”. In Australia there was a great plague of rabbits and since then, rabbits are not very loved by the Aussies, who since then, decided that they would have to find a character who was the new protagonist and delivery of Easter eggs. That was how Bilby the Easter Bunny was born.

7 ways to occupy your time at Australian Easter?

If you live in Australia, I want to share with you these 7 events in which surely, you will be able to spend quality time with family and friends.

1. In Sydney, spend one of the Easter days in the city’s Olympic Park. Highly recommended! One of the most famous festivals at this time of year is the Royal Easter Show“. It lasts two weeks and is one of the most famous events. You will taste delicious dishes, enjoy fireworks and even displays of farm animals!

If you do not live or are not close to Sydney, there are some cultural encounters such as:

2. The Blessing of the Fleet Festival at Ulladulla in New South Wales. There will be a plethora of colourful and exciting events throughout the Festival. On Easter Sunday, thousands of people gather to watch the Parade, the Blessing Ceremony, and the activities around the port.

3. The National Folk Festival in Canberra.

4. The Australian Gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba, Queensland.

If you prefer everything related to physical activity, I recommend that you attend one of the sporting events that take place during Australian Easter, among which are:

5. The Yacht Race from Brisbane to Gladstone.

6. The Surfing Bells Championship on the Great Ocean Road.

Last but not least, if you wish to stay home or if any of the aforementioned events have been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 quarantine, you will always have the option to visit Colombian Emeralds catalogue and plan gifts for other important upcoming dates, such as Mother’s Day, your engagement, or the birthday of that special person you love so much.

“Tell me here your plans for Easter week and help me with your best ideas to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones during these festivities …

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