Should I Travel To Colombia To Obtain A High-Quality Emerald?

This is a very recurring question and especially among buyers who live half a world away from the magical land of the emeralds, Colombia. And the answer is very simple, because it is not really necessary to travel to Colombia to obtain a high quality emerald, it is these precious and impressive gems that travel and come to meet you.

People say that an emerald chooses its owner, and for that reason, a thousand things happen before you can wear one of the most desired gemstones on the planet. The good thing is, almost all of those things happen without you even being able to tell.

Who does the work?

Before you feel the desire to look stunning, a group of hardworking miners in the ancestral lands of Muzo Boyacá, are already working tirelessly to extract the gem that will later become your luxury accessory. That is only the first step, since then other events occur that trace the path of the stones of love and knowledge.

Then, the carvers appear, those people who are in charge of giving them perfect forms so that these magic stones finally adapt to your personality, and needless to say, those who take on the entire process of legalisation to export and take everyone, the result of that work of carving, or how about the designers who create amazing jewels in which the stone takes centre stage? and finally the marketer, who with his vast experience, advises you properly and makes you feel, the charm of owning one of the most exclusive and sophisticated gemstones in the world.

At Colonial Gemstones we are pleasantly proud to be part of all this Colombian emerald traceability process, since we are present in each of those steps that we mention, and that with great value, many struggling and enterprising people develop day by day.

We always seek to be at the forefront, for the sake of the evolution of market dynamics, improving as much as possible, each action whose purpose is to put an emerald in your hands. We are grateful that you join us on this journey and that you are part of the Colonial family, your contributions are of great value to us, and we will always be ready to listen to you!

Take a look at our stock, and see for yourself, the final product, the result of a great collective effort, which will surely be of great satisfaction to you, who are looking for elegance and sophistication in the jewellery you use.

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