Avoid being a victim of scam!

There are two situations you can end up in, after purchasing an emerald. The first is that pleasant situation that you visualised when making the purchase decision, obtaining a beautiful gem, of very good quality, at the right price, and above all, that makes you look stunning. The second is that bitter situation in which you definitely confirm that you were deceived. Consequently, I will give you a little guide so that you learn how to buy high quality emeralds and stay away from possible scams.

If you want to avoid the last scenario, and to get directly to the first one, there are also two essential factors that, if treated with the necessary care, will guarantee success in your purpose. The first is the “origin” of the gem (place where the mine is located), and the second is the “provenance” of the gem (place where it is treated, handled and marketed).

The origin and provenance, define everything, from purity, through colour and size, to the size and treatment that, in the end, will put in your hands, the highest quality emerald.

First, focus on the clarity and colour of the stone because that defines its purity, as all emeralds tend to have inclusions and cracks on their surface and are accompanied by tiny fractures. In other words, emeralds without inclusions are special, are known as “oil drops”, are deep green in colour, have a bluish hue, and are extremely valuable. According to Carlos Osorio, a graduate of the “Gemological Institute of America”, a prestigious gem research centre, the perfect emerald is one that is well-balanced, neither too light nor too dark, which is why the Colombian emerald is the ideal one. The same opinion is expressed by Óscar Baquero, President of “Fedesmeraldas”, when affirming that this perfect saturation, notoriously distinguishes the Colombian emerald from the rest of the world.

Secondly, check its size and weight. Emeralds are more expensive than sapphires and rubies in small sizes. From 6 to 8 carats, its value and price begins to gradually increase.

Be rigorous by examining the cut or carving technique. If you find yourself in front of a rectangular-cut emerald, you will have won part of the lottery, since this cut is par excellence, the ideal technique that gives more value to the gem, and is called “emerald-cut”. The most important emerald or rectangular carving centre in the world is in Jaipur – India. Colombian emeralds are usually carved in rectangular.

Finally, inquire into the treatment. Keep in mind that a very frequent practice to improve the colour of the emerald, is to introduce it in a liquid with close IR (cedar and olive oil) and gently heat it so that it enters the fissures of the stone and hides them. Fried emeralds are common on the market and the treatment is so widespread that it is not considered fraudulent. Treatments are common on gemstones with inclusions and are regularly approved by the industry, although the fewer interventions performed on the gem, the better.

Follow these simple steps and as a result you will have a successful purchase!


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