Stop procrastinating and do productive things.

Netflix is ​​great, but it was enough! The time has come to take advantage of your free time and consequently, you must activate, that is, become a productive person, and if you already were, it is an opportunity to maintain or increase the pace.

We have already talked about the future, we know that the future is now, and consequently, what we do will define the tools with which we are going to face reality. Crises must be seen as an opportunity, that is what we who, instead of focusing on the problem, do not focus on the solution. Covid-19 has forced us to rethink ourselves and therefore redefine ourselves, in other words, it has led us to forget certain things that are no longer beneficial, to learn those that do generate utility, and confinement and quarantine are the ideal scenarios so that being proactive, we achieve that goal.

Telework opened the doors to the future work of the new generations, so if you are one of those people who must rethink and redefine themselves, I will give you 10 tips to get out of the crisis and enter a process of change that ensures your well-being, financial and emotional.

Are you ready, here they go, 10 things to do at home during the COVID-19 Quarantine:

1. Study Online.

First of all, knowledge is power and information is an infallible weapon. You can complement your professional career, take short courses or why not, a micro master can be a good option.

For this, I recommend edx.com you will find certified courses, from “culinary” to “data science”, with the best universities in the world and if you do not have the possibility to pay for them, you can see them totally free, (without certificate).

2. Invest.

Where many see a problem, you must see an opportunity. Assets of all kinds and stocks, have been devalued, and it is time to buy. Surely at some point, products like oil will recover and you will see an excellent result. Investing in gold, silver and precious stones have always been an excellent option.

For this, I recommend @colonial_gems on Instagram, where you will find gems of all kinds that will serve not only as an investment, but also as the perfect gift.

3. Monetize your skills.

If you still have your job and you must continue to fulfill your obligations, but you have one or more extra skills, you can definitely take advantage of them. It is time to activate and use the time you no longer use preparing, moving and returning from the office.

For this, I recommend portals like remotejobs.com

4. Start new business or move to the digital world.

If freelance work is not your thing, but you have a business in mind, you should create a plan. Many governments are offering support to freelancers and entrepreneurs, so you can find there an excellent springboard that will catapult you when the crisis is over.

For this, I recommend creating a “business model canvas” and visiting the government portal https://www.business.gov.au/Planning/Business-plans

They have great tools, plus consultants to help you launch your project.

5. Read everything you can.

Success is a mixture of factors, and reading is one of them. People who read regularly, are closer to reaching their goals, shine with their own light and excel in the most important settings. Find books on the topics you like the most and spend time with them.

For this, I recommend scribd.com, amazon.com, or the iVoox App for audio books. They all give you suggestions and show you the bestsellers of the moment.

6. Meditate.

The relationship between body and mind is indisputable. Create a connection to your spirit and take time to relax a little. You are what you think, so leave fear and panic, these have never been ideal tools for managing any crisis, it will leave you stress and you can focus on your being.

For this I recommend CALM is an App in which you will find excellent relaxation sessions that will also help you improve your sleep.

7. Exercise.

It is normal that quarantine is raising your stress levels and without realizing it, you have increased your visits to the refrigerator, it does not seem strange to you if, consequently, you end up with a few extra kilos. dust off that “weareable” you have forgotten and use it.

For this, I recommend applications like freeletics or youtube, which are full of videos that can help you by showing you effective routines to keep fit.

8. Network.

Either because you should continue with your routine meetings, or because you need to attract new professional contacts, do not stop networking and meet with your people.

For this, I recommend applications such as Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the different Telegram channels, they are excellent for staying connected and generating opportunities.

9. Plan.

Many things do not go well due to lack of planning, the organization helps a lot and speaks highly of you. Organized people have climbed one more step on the ladder that leads to success. Remember that we are rethinking ourselves, and defining ourselves as people who know how to project our goals is a sign that we are achieving the objective. Plan the trip of your dreams or your wedding, what starts well ends well.

For your trips, I recommend skyscanner.com.au and for the engagement ring, go to @Colonial_gems on Instagram.

10. Share with your family.

Last but not least, share with your family. There is nothing better than quality time that you dedicate to your loved ones. Giving and receiving love, fortify your soul and spirit, remember which is your motor and your noblest purposes.

For this, I do not recommend applications or websites, since they cannot replace what a hug, a kiss, a love you, a good chat or a family dinner will give you.

Tell me here, what ideas and what productive activities have you carried out or plan to carry out during the Covid-19 quarantine.

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