Should I Travel To Colombia To Obtain A High-Quality Emerald?

This is a very recurring question and especially among buyers who live half a world away from the magical land of the emeralds, Colombia. And the answer is very simple, because it is not really necessary to travel to Colombia to obtain a high quality emerald, it is these precious and impressive gems that travel and come to meet you.

People say that an emerald chooses its owner, and for that reason, a thousand things happen before you can wear one of the most desired gemstones on the planet. The good thing is, almost all of those things happen without you even being able to tell.

Who does the work?

Before you feel the desire to look stunning, a group of hardworking miners in the ancestral lands of Muzo Boyacá, are already working tirelessly to extract the gem that will later become your luxury accessory. That is only the first step, since then other events occur that trace the path of the stones of love and knowledge.

Then, the carvers appear, those people who are in charge of giving them perfect forms so that these magic stones finally adapt to your personality, and needless to say, those who take on the entire process of legalisation to export and take everyone, the result of that work of carving, or how about the designers who create amazing jewels in which the stone takes centre stage? and finally the marketer, who with his vast experience, advises you properly and makes you feel, the charm of owning one of the most exclusive and sophisticated gemstones in the world.

At Colonial Gemstones we are pleasantly proud to be part of all this Colombian emerald traceability process, since we are present in each of those steps that we mention, and that with great value, many struggling and enterprising people develop day by day.

We always seek to be at the forefront, for the sake of the evolution of market dynamics, improving as much as possible, each action whose purpose is to put an emerald in your hands. We are grateful that you join us on this journey and that you are part of the Colonial family, your contributions are of great value to us, and we will always be ready to listen to you!

Take a look at our stock, and see for yourself, the final product, the result of a great collective effort, which will surely be of great satisfaction to you, who are looking for elegance and sophistication in the jewellery you use.


Undoubtedly, the jewels of our trousseau are very precious elements for all of us, and therefore, it is necessary to have the knowledge on how to care and preserve an emerald, if we have one in our collection.

If it is the case of not having one, our jewelry box would be incomplete, since an emerald ring for men, a dazzling Princess-type emerald bracelet, or pear-cut earrings (Link al catálogo) are essential items that would certainly give unparalleled beauty to any luxury series.

An emerald usually represents a memory, and it is usually about something special. Like all those things that we value, our emeralds require care, and by taking care of them, you will also take care of your memory.

Although the care is often very simple, they fulfill an important function, which is to preserve their quality, shine and color. Likewise, your memories will be kept, pleasant, vivid and beautiful.

Today I want to mention some tips that will help you keep your emeralds clean, bright, with their intense green color and above all, with the best possible quality, preserving their value and the place they deserve within your other jewelry.

How to do it?

The first thing you should know is that cleaning is very simple and requires more care than effort. Immerse your emerald in water at room temperature, and let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes, so the excess impurities will take on a consistency that is easier to handle to be removed. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and baby pH-neutral soap. Brush, rinse, and repeat once more. Shake the emerald and pat dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

Always keep your emeralds separate from other stones or jewelry, even separated from other emeralds. Although emeralds belong to the group of the most resistant gemstones in the world, they can be scratched by harder stones such as diamond, sapphire, or ruby.

Every 6 months, you can shine your emerald using cedar oil and a clean, lint-free cloth. This will hydrate the gem, exalting its natural shine and without altering its color or quality.

What NEVER, NEVER, FOR ANY REASON, you must do!

Never subject an emerald to sudden changes in temperature, especially when it comes to extreme heat, so it is not recommended to use vaporizers or hot water.

Avoid ultrasonic cleaning, as it could crack or chip the stone. Forget the use of abrasive materials such as thinners or bleach, alcohol, acetone, grease-cutting or acid detergents.

And don’t forget that you can always go to a professional. At we will help you keep your emeralds at the level of your expectations!


Generosity and disinterest, gratitude and abundance, may is the month of the emeralds, the stones of love and knowledge.

Since man has memory, the moment of birth has been considered, perhaps, as the most important event in our lives, and of course, it is the beginning of everything. Various elements, such as philosophy and other sciences, have taken this event as the basis for the development of their theories, and have created endless scenarios in which the date of birth determines the direction in which our existence will inevitably lead.

This is how over the centuries, man has incorporated into his knowledge structure, possible explanations of how and why, our lives evolve. Such is the case of some pseudosciences such as astrology or certain beliefs of a theological nature.

In antiquity, astrology and religions dominated much of the cultural terrain, defining everything from political to economic and social factors; and thanks to this accumulation of beliefs, the “scientists” and “representatives of God” of the time, began to relate the different precious stones known, with the events of the daily life of other people.

Thanks to the astrology and the Julian calendar, named after the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, 46 BC, (today we use the Gregorian calendar Pope Gregory XIII), the known gemstones began to be related to the dates of birth, with our personality and our purpose.

But what is its meaning and function?

Birthstones have a direct relationship with the character of each person, and although they are not the ones that define him, they are the ones that represent him and offer him an identity. As for their function, it seems that they help to strengthen our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Bullfighting, born from April 20 to May 20, correspond to emeralds as their birthstones, that is why they are highly used in engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, they are gems that due to their color intense green, they represent mother nature and the spring period, they are a symbol of rebirth and love and their function is to attract abundance, provide balance and patience and are believed to have beneficial effects on health, purify the spirit, ward off negative forces and they give good luck.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, wearing an emerald will bring love and knowledge wherever you go!


ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, and as a holiday, it is an Australian national date, commemorating in conjunction with New Zealand, the “Battle of Gallipoli 1915”, which carried out against the Ottoman Empire during World War I, leaving a terrible balance of more than 10,000 deaths.

Today, being an event celebrated high in two countries, and simultaneously, ANZAC DAY has become a heartfelt tribute to those heroes who “served and died in all wars, conflicts and peace missions” and in memory of “the contribution and suffering of all who have served” …

Wars have always left indelible traces, traces that mark entire societies for life, defining from these memories what we are as a nation and as individuals.

Today I want to share with you an anonymous but very heartfelt letter from a mother to her son, moments before going to war. A letter that expresses both love and anguish and invites reflection on the meaning of war and the value of the human being, inside and outside it …

Dear son, hello and goodbye!

Many years have passed since the last time I saw you sleep so peacefully, you were just a child when I sat for hours and watched you rest. I remember as if it were yesterday, that in those moments of joy, it never crossed my mind, that I could see you sleep again, while the anguish and despair would accompany a feeling of helplessness almost as intense as my love for you.

I think that only a mother could understand what I am saying, it is not easy to accept that you are about to face what will be perhaps the most important challenge of your life, and surely the most important test of faith of mine .

When you were born, I thought I touched the sky with my own hands, those same hands with which I held you firmly, despite your fragility, hands with which I believed, to be touching an intangible feeling such as pure love and true, a mother’s love for her child.

My wish was always to teach you as many things as possible, like walking, running and flying, flying as high as you could, flying until you reach all your dreams; but instead, I think it was I who learned from you and thus became my teacher of life. I saw you grow very fast, and as you adapted to the world, I was getting to know things that I never imagined were possible. Seeing your first achievements, I knew the genuine and disinterested love, I was happy for your happiness; knowing your needs, I knew the value of sacrifice, I put your well-being before mine and I did it with joy; seeing you dream, I dreamed with you, I felt illusion with your longings, I enjoyed your joys, I suffered with your disappointments, I cried for your failures, and I even felt fear for your desire to eat the world, but your own courage, gave me strength to see you grow and become my greatest pride.

With you, I learned that there is no way to live more intensely, that loving a son, you taught me that by pursuing our passions, and by doing it with decorum, we can vibrate very high, I understood that we can cultivate our greatness, being noble and humble, I have taught you seen serving your fellow men with generosity and purpose, I accompanied you to take risks and learned to take mine, you showed me how to give, without expecting anything in return, you taught me to improve, you taught me to grow, you taught me to be a better person .

Today you sleep your last nap at home, before going to war, you are as calm as I cannot be. Today they snatch you from my hands, those that once protected you from all possible evil, today put your life at risk and interrupt your dreams, so that others can live theirs. They do not know the deep pain they cause me, they do not know how my desire to see you love and be loved crumble, they do not know the anguish and uncertainty they leave in place of your presence.

What if you never come back? What will become of your dreams and mine to see yours fulfilled? You have not yet left and I already feel a huge emptiness, in the house and in my soul …

Thank you for allowing me to give you life, since you renewed mine, thank you for allowing me to love you, and thank you for the courage with which you leave, since it will be the same with which I will wait for you.

Promise that you will return, promise that you will with that smile on your face, which illuminates mine, promises to return so that you continue to shine with your own light, promise to return because you taught me too many things, but you never taught me to live without you …

With infinite love, mom!


Avoid being a victim of scam!

There are two situations you can end up in, after purchasing an emerald. The first is that pleasant situation that you visualised when making the purchase decision, obtaining a beautiful gem, of very good quality, at the right price, and above all, that makes you look stunning. The second is that bitter situation in which you definitely confirm that you were deceived. Consequently, I will give you a little guide so that you learn how to buy high quality emeralds and stay away from possible scams.

If you want to avoid the last scenario, and to get directly to the first one, there are also two essential factors that, if treated with the necessary care, will guarantee success in your purpose. The first is the “origin” of the gem (place where the mine is located), and the second is the “provenance” of the gem (place where it is treated, handled and marketed).

The origin and provenance, define everything, from purity, through colour and size, to the size and treatment that, in the end, will put in your hands, the highest quality emerald.

First, focus on the clarity and colour of the stone because that defines its purity, as all emeralds tend to have inclusions and cracks on their surface and are accompanied by tiny fractures. In other words, emeralds without inclusions are special, are known as “oil drops”, are deep green in colour, have a bluish hue, and are extremely valuable. According to Carlos Osorio, a graduate of the “Gemological Institute of America”, a prestigious gem research centre, the perfect emerald is one that is well-balanced, neither too light nor too dark, which is why the Colombian emerald is the ideal one. The same opinion is expressed by Óscar Baquero, President of “Fedesmeraldas”, when affirming that this perfect saturation, notoriously distinguishes the Colombian emerald from the rest of the world.

Secondly, check its size and weight. Emeralds are more expensive than sapphires and rubies in small sizes. From 6 to 8 carats, its value and price begins to gradually increase.

Be rigorous by examining the cut or carving technique. If you find yourself in front of a rectangular-cut emerald, you will have won part of the lottery, since this cut is par excellence, the ideal technique that gives more value to the gem, and is called “emerald-cut”. The most important emerald or rectangular carving centre in the world is in Jaipur – India. Colombian emeralds are usually carved in rectangular.

Finally, inquire into the treatment. Keep in mind that a very frequent practice to improve the colour of the emerald, is to introduce it in a liquid with close IR (cedar and olive oil) and gently heat it so that it enters the fissures of the stone and hides them. Fried emeralds are common on the market and the treatment is so widespread that it is not considered fraudulent. Treatments are common on gemstones with inclusions and are regularly approved by the industry, although the fewer interventions performed on the gem, the better.

Follow these simple steps and as a result you will have a successful purchase!


Meaning of Easter.

We enter Easter times, and as is customary, a global process of traditions that marks this time as one of the most celebrated and commented on throughout the year begins as well. Easter, also called Pascha in Greek-Latin, or Easter Sunday, is a festival and holy day that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

As a result of the above, for some, the most devout and religious, this date acquires a special meaning and therefore, a great spiritual value. However, for others, who do not consider holy mysticism as a relevant topic, it takes a “lighter” meaning then, they abstract from the fervent ecclesiastical traditions and create their own, focused on rest, entertainment, fun and what not, another kind of pleasures.

Curiously in Australia, we can see how throughout history, these traditions have been merged, giving way to an “Easter culture” in which “saints and sinners”, “religious and agnostic”, unite around a theme, to share, spend quality time with family and friends and take advantage of the benefits and free time that the holidays bring with them.

As a curious fact, you should know that the true date to celebrate Easter, can be in march or april, that is defined by the lunar calendar. Resurrection Sunday will then be the Sunday after the first full moon of spring, that is, the first full moon after the spring equinox.

This date was decided at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. The deadline is April 25th, Easter Sunday can never be after that date.

The Australian Easter Bunny. The rabbit not only symbolises fertility, for Catholics this animal has a special meaning since it is said that a rabbit was trapped in the tomb of Jesus next to his body and that he witnessed his resurrection. When he was released together with the son of God, he became the messenger who communicated the great news to the children.

Many families decorate their own eggs and then organise the famous “Easter Eggs Hunt”. In Australia there was a great plague of rabbits and since then, rabbits are not very loved by the Aussies, who since then, decided that they would have to find a character who was the new protagonist and delivery of Easter eggs. That was how Bilby the Easter Bunny was born.

7 ways to occupy your time at Australian Easter?

If you live in Australia, I want to share with you these 7 events in which surely, you will be able to spend quality time with family and friends.

1. In Sydney, spend one of the Easter days in the city’s Olympic Park. Highly recommended! One of the most famous festivals at this time of year is the Royal Easter Show“. It lasts two weeks and is one of the most famous events. You will taste delicious dishes, enjoy fireworks and even displays of farm animals!

If you do not live or are not close to Sydney, there are some cultural encounters such as:

2. The Blessing of the Fleet Festival at Ulladulla in New South Wales. There will be a plethora of colourful and exciting events throughout the Festival. On Easter Sunday, thousands of people gather to watch the Parade, the Blessing Ceremony, and the activities around the port.

3. The National Folk Festival in Canberra.

4. The Australian Gospel Music Festival in Toowoomba, Queensland.

If you prefer everything related to physical activity, I recommend that you attend one of the sporting events that take place during Australian Easter, among which are:

5. The Yacht Race from Brisbane to Gladstone.

6. The Surfing Bells Championship on the Great Ocean Road.

Last but not least, if you wish to stay home or if any of the aforementioned events have been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 quarantine, you will always have the option to visit Colombian Emeralds catalogue and plan gifts for other important upcoming dates, such as Mother’s Day, your engagement, or the birthday of that special person you love so much.

“Tell me here your plans for Easter week and help me with your best ideas to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones during these festivities …


Stop procrastinating and do productive things.

Netflix is ​​great, but it was enough! The time has come to take advantage of your free time and consequently, you must activate, that is, become a productive person, and if you already were, it is an opportunity to maintain or increase the pace.

We have already talked about the future, we know that the future is now, and consequently, what we do will define the tools with which we are going to face reality. Crises must be seen as an opportunity, that is what we who, instead of focusing on the problem, do not focus on the solution. Covid-19 has forced us to rethink ourselves and therefore redefine ourselves, in other words, it has led us to forget certain things that are no longer beneficial, to learn those that do generate utility, and confinement and quarantine are the ideal scenarios so that being proactive, we achieve that goal.

Telework opened the doors to the future work of the new generations, so if you are one of those people who must rethink and redefine themselves, I will give you 10 tips to get out of the crisis and enter a process of change that ensures your well-being, financial and emotional.

Are you ready, here they go, 10 things to do at home during the COVID-19 Quarantine:

1. Study Online.

First of all, knowledge is power and information is an infallible weapon. You can complement your professional career, take short courses or why not, a micro master can be a good option.

For this, I recommend you will find certified courses, from “culinary” to “data science”, with the best universities in the world and if you do not have the possibility to pay for them, you can see them totally free, (without certificate).

2. Invest.

Where many see a problem, you must see an opportunity. Assets of all kinds and stocks, have been devalued, and it is time to buy. Surely at some point, products like oil will recover and you will see an excellent result. Investing in gold, silver and precious stones have always been an excellent option.

For this, I recommend @colonial_gems on Instagram, where you will find gems of all kinds that will serve not only as an investment, but also as the perfect gift.

3. Monetize your skills.

If you still have your job and you must continue to fulfill your obligations, but you have one or more extra skills, you can definitely take advantage of them. It is time to activate and use the time you no longer use preparing, moving and returning from the office.

For this, I recommend portals like

4. Start new business or move to the digital world.

If freelance work is not your thing, but you have a business in mind, you should create a plan. Many governments are offering support to freelancers and entrepreneurs, so you can find there an excellent springboard that will catapult you when the crisis is over.

For this, I recommend creating a “business model canvas” and visiting the government portal

They have great tools, plus consultants to help you launch your project.

5. Read everything you can.

Success is a mixture of factors, and reading is one of them. People who read regularly, are closer to reaching their goals, shine with their own light and excel in the most important settings. Find books on the topics you like the most and spend time with them.

For this, I recommend,, or the iVoox App for audio books. They all give you suggestions and show you the bestsellers of the moment.

6. Meditate.

The relationship between body and mind is indisputable. Create a connection to your spirit and take time to relax a little. You are what you think, so leave fear and panic, these have never been ideal tools for managing any crisis, it will leave you stress and you can focus on your being.

For this I recommend CALM is an App in which you will find excellent relaxation sessions that will also help you improve your sleep.

7. Exercise.

It is normal that quarantine is raising your stress levels and without realizing it, you have increased your visits to the refrigerator, it does not seem strange to you if, consequently, you end up with a few extra kilos. dust off that “weareable” you have forgotten and use it.

For this, I recommend applications like freeletics or youtube, which are full of videos that can help you by showing you effective routines to keep fit.

8. Network.

Either because you should continue with your routine meetings, or because you need to attract new professional contacts, do not stop networking and meet with your people.

For this, I recommend applications such as Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the different Telegram channels, they are excellent for staying connected and generating opportunities.

9. Plan.

Many things do not go well due to lack of planning, the organization helps a lot and speaks highly of you. Organized people have climbed one more step on the ladder that leads to success. Remember that we are rethinking ourselves, and defining ourselves as people who know how to project our goals is a sign that we are achieving the objective. Plan the trip of your dreams or your wedding, what starts well ends well.

For your trips, I recommend and for the engagement ring, go to @Colonial_gems on Instagram.

10. Share with your family.

Last but not least, share with your family. There is nothing better than quality time that you dedicate to your loved ones. Giving and receiving love, fortify your soul and spirit, remember which is your motor and your noblest purposes.

For this, I do not recommend applications or websites, since they cannot replace what a hug, a kiss, a love you, a good chat or a family dinner will give you.

Tell me here, what ideas and what productive activities have you carried out or plan to carry out during the Covid-19 quarantine.