My name is Mauro Carvajal, the founder and the company director of Colonial Gemstones.  I have been in the Colonial Gemstones business for many years, currently in the process of taking the Colombian natural emerald business worldwide.

Colonial Gemstones has been proudly recognised as one of the most reliable Colombian emerald exporter company, in both Asia and Oceania markets. My team and I strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

During 2019-2020, we had great challenges, our task is to get all products at a high quality and a reasonable price. And all expects for the 2020-2021 period, all the expectations of the most demanding international market are exceeded.

At Colonial Gemstones our goal is simple, it is to help every  customer find the perfect piece of jewellery; supporting you with exclusive artisan work; to create wonderful memories with your loved ones.

I welcome you to visit our website at www.colonialgemstones.com 

Let me take you through the most important mines in Colombia, to show you the most beautiful emeralds in
the world!