taking colombian emerald business to the next level

With an unbeatable track record, we have always been in hand with the best emerald producers that we currently find in the modern world. Contact us TODAY to know more about our products and how we can assist you to obtain emeralds as one of the best precious stones.

Meet Mauro Carvajal, the visionary behind Colonial Gemstones, a passionate advocate for Colombian natural emeralds. With years of experience in the industry, Mauro is dedicated to expanding the reach of Colombian emeralds worldwide.

Colonial Gemstones has garnered acclaim as a trusted exporter of Colombian emeralds, serving markets across Asia, south Asia and Oceania. Our team shares a commitment to ensuring every customer’s satisfaction, striving for excellence in every facet of our business.

The years 2019-2020 posed significant challenges, yet our resolve remained unwavering. Our mission: to deliver products of unparalleled quality at reasonable prices. As we look ahead to the 2020-2021 period, we’re proud to have surpassed the expectations of the most discerning international markets.

At Colonial Gemstones, our purpose is clear: to guide each customer in discovering the perfect piece of jewellery, crafted with exclusive artisanal skill. Together, we aim to create cherished memories for you and your loved ones.

I extend a warm invitation to explore our website at www.colonialgemstones.com.  Join me on a journey to Colombia’s most prized emerald mines, where the world’s most exquisite gems await your discovery!